Twitch Con 2017 Vlog – ft. Cresta Star, LadyFox

My time at Twitch Con was AMAZING, to say the least. I had the pleasure of rooming with @CrestaStar and @LadyFox while at Long Beach and we could not have been a more perfect posi for the shenanigans that ensue! I was truly inspired by the event to really get my creative juices flowing and really take live streaming and YouTube serious.

Twitch Con 2017 – Spills, Chills, and Thrills Blog + Vlog

What can I say other than I had so much fun at Twitch Con in Long Beach.  It was my first time and I would have to say I had a blast for sure. My friends and I arrived three days earlier than the con so we spent days leading to it enjoy the sights (the weather was amazing!) and eating good food!

The weather really inspired me to find my Californian style. Compared to NYC, it was heaven! Living in NYC, winters can be such a drag wish mountains of snow and yellow slush lakes (Trust me you don’t wanna know what it is). God Bless Cali~




Best time was being Jaccuzzi side on periscope with my girls Cresta and LadyFox. Warning! The contents in that video might rustle some feathers. (LOL)






If you came to the end of this article, comment below “I am a SuperStar!” cause you are! Thanks for reading.

Vintage Bubble Top in by Janice Louise Miller

Miller uses 100% up-cycled materials in all of her designs! This makes me really happy because I strive to be as green as can be. Moreover, she donates a tenth of her profits to the Endangered Species program at the WWF (World Wildlife Fund). Additionally, donations are sent to a Children’s Hospital. Talk about caring!

The top measures 32″ in the bust, 28″ in the waist, and 36″ in the hips and you may contact the shop for questions about measurements.

vintage top2
Gaming, Philanthropy, Conservation…All under the umbrella of fashion!
For purchasing info go to: Glacier Milk

Legend of Zelda Wayfarer Sunglasses by Ketchupize


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Grab this awesome eye-catching hand painted Legend of Zelda glasses that are made using high quality acrylic paint sealed in varnish for guaranteed no fade or crack! Made to order within 2 weeks, these unisex wayfarer black lens glasses are UV 400 protected, light weight,  and come in custom designs.

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O M G Check Out These Sick AF Okami Chucks by Bobsmade

okami chuckz by bobsmade-d4ic7ny

You wouldn’t believe what I found! Check out these custom made Okami Chucks by Bobsmade. The company can make anything you may design, think, or even dream of. Rock them with skinny jeans, a baby yellow top and grey boyfriend cardie;  you’ll be ready to battle in no time. Click the image to order your own pair!

Feeling creative? Then check out this DIY step-by-step guide to customizing your own Chucks. and design your own pair!!


I Want to Be a Mad Scientist When I Grow Up


Ok so, technically I am a ‘grown up’ but then again I am not. I’m not there yet. Let’s face it, ‘growing up’ is becoming more and more a spurious idea that attempting to fulfill is a like finding Fenn Foster’s missing treasure chest. However, we do come to points in our lives when we think about being asked as a child “What do you wanna be when you grow up?” and then thinking of our current situation and see that they don’t sync. We wanted to be ballerina, veterinarians, circus clowns and we turned into accountants, hedge fund investors, and lawyers. There isn’t anything wrong with changing your paths, but the moment you turn back and contemplate “What if” is when you shake the foundation of your identity.

My father works a world renown Jewish appetizer store where everyone wore a white coat. I took it one day for my 5th grade career day presentation where this same question was asked of me. When it was my turn, I stood tall with my big bottle coked glasses and oversize white lab coat draping over my body and blustered “When I grow up, I want to be a Mad Scientist!” You’d think the room would roar in laughter, but till this day I never fully understood why the room fell silent. Maybe it was the force behind my small petite voice that articulated such a menacing exclamation. Quickly passing me to the next person, I remember still proudly tripping about as if I had prophesied a miracle, but would it truly come to pass? Would I turn evil and run amok like the greatest villains in comic books and anime culture?

Madness Assumes

As I grew up, I became aware that “madness” is subjective. One person’s insane is another sane. Playing video games so much as a kid was ‘crazy.’ Now, if you playing video games for a living your ‘cool’ making millions a year. If your into computers and technology, your ‘hip’ and successful. Dorks in the 90s are CEOs in the new digital age. Kids bullied are now hiring the bullies to do their dirty work. ‘Madness’ is at it’s climax right now.

So what is my madness? I’ll tell you. It’s the idea the video games can change the world. When we play video games, we gain reinforcement, recognition, entitlement, socialization, accomplishments, love, happiness, and more by the Eustress we put in. Eu- is the Greek word meaning either “well” or “good” so when we attached the word stress it literally means “good stress”. This is the self-fulfillment we lack in our daily lives. To say gamers ‘escape’ from reality to virtual reality isn’t far from the truth. However, what if we take components of the virtual and made life more meaningful? What if we had meetings at work with the same positive reinforcement mechanism? What if schools change their curriculum from test taking to simulation assessments?

The problem with this idea already is you think I’m ‘mad’ or out of my mind for thinking to put video games in anything else besides entertainment. In which I retort, “No I think your mad for not thinking beyond the limitations it offers.” We simply look at video games as entertainment but it’s not. Just like books are windows into new worlds, music tap into emotions and experiences, or photos are memories.

maxresdefault (1)

Life is strange. More and more I feel madness becomes that to which we don’t care to understand. What turns out to happen is those that can’t understand something or cope with it’s evolution fall behind. A revolution is coming if it’s not already here. To get a better glimpse at what I mean, take a look at some articles on the combination of video games and psychology.

Let the madness unfold.


A New Blog, A New Life



Simplicity is the true bliss. When life becomes just a walk in the park, you get to really take time to appreciate so much in life. The past three years were a blur spewed with struggles, video game reviews I don’t remember, reporting from conventions/expos I’d loose 10 pounds from over working, and  lots of stress. What good is doing video game journalism when you stop playing games and begin to abhor it? What good is struggling to the top or “make it” when most time people don’t look to happy being up there.

Turning my attention inward, I started this blog. Not because I want to do something new or become successful at this. No, I just want to go back to the beginning of why I loved doing this. It wasn’t about the journalism and it took me three damn years to figure it out.

So here is to a new era of my life where I am just living. I can’t stop writing as I’ve been doing it so long. At least this way, there aren’t deadlines, status quo, or etiquette I need to follow. Just my heart.