Meet Narz


Welcome, ~<3

“Who is Narz?”

As a Native Hispanic (Dominican) New Yorker, I pride myself as a full time content creator, producer, social media marketing consultant, and bussiness developer that works on buidling the esports + video games scene on the east coast. 

What do you do?

I am a TV Host, Personality, and Streamer in Gaming + Esports.  See below for past clients + projects.

Featured Work
Guest Appearances

Below is a list of IPS, features, brands, and projects I have had the privilege to be a part of.

  • Founded Girl Gamer Vogue as a platform for women to pursue their gaming ambitions. Blogged about the melting pot of gaming with psychology, fashion, and cultural events in NYC.
  • Started GGVogue Marketing agency in 2014.

Likes + Dislikes*

Hobbies are in this order (and also what I tweet about )

  1. Esports (i.e. Diversification Initiatives, Data-Driven Marketing, Digital Strategies, Law and Consultation)
  2. Gaming (i.e. Psychology, Fashion, upcoming NYC events, and cosplay)
  3. Tech (i.e.Website Design, SQL, VR, API, Data, OpSec)
  4. Marketing (i.e. Speakings, Panels, seminars, Tips, Guides)
  5. Books (i.e. Psychology, Tech, Research)
  6. NYC Gaming Events (i.e. Midnight Release Parties, Tournaments, after parties, and themed holiday parties)

*I dislike dust and milk. 😝

contact me👇

I am a for-hire Host, consultant, and business developer. If you would like to reach out:

Email me at narz [at] ggvogue [dot] com

Be sure to follow me on social. I am available for interviews, research participation, and quotes. Contact me here.

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