Meet Narz

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Welcome, ~<3

“Who is Narz?”

I am a Native Hispanic (Dominican) New Yorker. I work as a full-time Social Media Producer at The Gamer Agency. I help produce gaming + esports events, conduct social media strategies, and monitor social campaigns. I run my own personal blog on my hobbies Gaming, Fashion, Makeup, and Beauty.  I dabble in other projects with amazing brands and sometimes throw pretty cool gaming network events in NYC~

What do you do?

I am a content creator. You name the medium. I create for it. I help meld marketing initiatives offline and online using effective content, utilizing statistics and market data. I am a “Practice What You Preach” type of lady. So you will often see my hobbies in Gaming🎮 + Makeup💄spill into my personal persona.

Why is your name Narz?

The name Narz comes from Pinky and the Brain. Back in my younger years, it was just me and my little sister. We use to watch Animaniacs and related to the two rats. Like the older sister, I was a bit of a clutz, weirdo, goof like Pinky. My younger sister was more reserved and calm. Pinky says ‘Narf’ a lot, I like the letter [Z], so I dropped the [F] added the [Z] and *poof* Narz was born! (Sorry not as cool as you might have thought, LOL)

Nowadays, nobody calls me anything else but NARZ‼️ It’s like a nickname that sticks and BOOM. Done. 😋



Young Narz

  • Super Otaku at 9 years old, hooked on Sailor Moon & DBZ. First game ever was Sonic the Hedgehog 3 for SEGA Genesis at 10 years old. Bullied in middle school and high school since I liked anime and games(not girly enough?). Became a lone wolf using all my allowance to buy VHS tapes at Elizabeth Center in Chinatown NYC. Best friends were Netizens on MSN chat and GaiaOnline friends.

Young Adult Narz

  • Started college with a major in video game programmer till full scholarship was pulled one week before classes started. Ended up graduating college with a degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and a minor in Japanese and Business. Traveled twice to Japan for study in International Human Resource Management. Decided to get my Ph.D. and studied under neuroscience professor as a lab assistant experimenting on rats…… After a horrific incident (It’s a terrible story, ask me in person), gave up on it and became a vegan.
  • Certified in marketing and behavior psychology. Serviced clients from all aspects of gaming and esports.
  • Worked as a brand ambassador with Ubisoft, Wargaming, and Bethesda. Partnered with Riot Games, ESL One, 2k/Evolve, and Twitch for event planning projects in NYC.
  • Worked with community brands Sonic Boom Box, Hypefestation, One Nation of Gamer, Defend The North, Team Spooky, NYC League of Legends, and NYU Game Center as a marketer, event planner, and consultant.

Professional Narz

  • Founded Girl Gamer Vogue as a platform for women to pursue their gaming ambitions. Blogged about the melting pot of gaming with psychology, fashion, and cultural events in NYC.

Featured Work
Guest Appearances

Hobbies are in this order (and also what I tweet about )

  1. Esports (i.e. Diversification Initiatives, Data-Driven Marketing, Digital Strategies, Law and Consultation)
  2. Gaming (i.e. Psychology, Fashion, upcoming NYC events, and cosplay)
  3. Tech (i.e.Website Design, SQL, VR, API, Data, OpSec)
  4. Marketing (i.e. Speakings, Panels, seminars, Tips, Guides)
  5. Books (i.e. Psychology, Tech, Research)
  6. NYC Gaming Events (i.e. Midnight Release Parties, Tournaments, after parties, and themed holiday parties)

I was a for-hire marketing agent that assisted in marketing decks, sponsors/talent acquisition, press materials, event planning, and social media management for gaming and esports brands only. Now I work with the amazing people at The Gamer Agency doing amazing esports and Gaming events. Be sure to follow me on social!

I am available for interviews, research participation, and quotes.


Ways to Contact?

On social Media: Twitter Instagram | Tumblr | Facebook | LinkedIn

Email me at narz [at] ggvogue [dot] com