Featured in Walmart x iBuyPower Commercial!

I am in a commercial! In an era of console wars and mobile games, PCs are still the platform of choice for so many gamers. Check out the article and watch the full video here!

Watch the full video here!

My G4 Casting Video

Shooting my shot. Hire me G4.

New Twitch Stream Schedule! Tues / Wed / Sat @ 4pm EST at https://www.twitch.tv/narzzzz !

Narz Plays Phasmophobia

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New Twitch Stream Schedule! Tues / Wed / Sat @ 4pm EST at https://www.twitch.tv/narzzzz !

Cleaning Up In Valorant

Cleaning up nicely in Valorant.

New Twitch Stream Schedule

Tues / Wed / Sat @ 4pm EST at https://www.twitch.tv/narzzzz

Weekly Videos are back. New YouTube Videos every Wednesday. If you want vlogs or Q&A, feel free to comment below requests!

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Our special guest, CrestaStarr is a TikToker, gamer and pro-wrestling analyst coming in to challenge Gabe for the Super Late belt 🙂 (We don’t actually have a belt, but maybe we should, lol)

But first, tonight Gabe and Narz is going to break it down with some gaming news! Logic bought a 20k Pokémon Card, Nadeshot 24hr Stream, 100 Thieves dropping CS:GO. NBA 2K Scam, PS5 backwards compatibility, League of Legends new champ Seaphine, 5G and iPhone, Streamlabs and stream hatchet.

Hosts Gabe Olivero & Narz

Special Guest CrestaStarr.

Super Late at 368, NYC’s late-night show about streaming, content creation, and games.

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HyperX Series: Good Game (All Eps)

Good Game is a show where Narz highlights good news that is happening in the gaming community! Every week’s episode can be watched now! Follow HyperX on Youtube here.

The GAMEHERS Twitch 101

In this INTRO video, you’ll learn how to stream on Twitch for beginners 2020. Hosts Jennifer NARZ and ERIN Ashley Simone will go over how to kickstart your Twitch stream from scratch so you can be the star of your own show.

Four part series will go over:

– How to Make Scenes + Overlays for Twitch
– How to Set up SLOBS and OBS to Stream
– How to Update your Channel Profile and Panels on Twitch
– How to configure your BOTS for Twitch Chat and Stream and so much more!

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Host for the GRAMMY Music Education Coalition Twitch Livestream

eSports And Music Stars Come Together For Grammy Music Education Coalition Twitch “Stream To Make Music Matter”

(Press Release from ShoreFire)
Debut Twitch Stream to fund the expansion of K-12 public school music education programs

The GRAMMY Music Education Coalition strives to help music education become a gateway to bridging the gap to improve access for all. To help bridge this gap, the GRAMMY Music Education Coalition has partnered with Morgan Stanley Sports & Entertainment Group and Columbia Records, the first major record label to create a Twitch Studio, to bring this one of a kind event to life. 

The “Stream to Make Music Matter” is a live-streamed event intended to drive awareness of the need to support music education in under-served public schools. On Tuesday, November 12th at 6pm ET viewers will be able to interact and donate to fund the expansion of music education programs to the 3.8 million K-12 students in the US currently without access.  

“Stream to Make Music Matter” is an epic event that includes an all-star Fortnite squad session and interviews from a variety of guests, all in support of funding music education.

More info here: twitch.tv/grammymusiced 

The “Stream to Make Music Matter” event will include:

  • An All-Star Squad lineup led by a dynamic duo from the music and eSports space. Join The Chainsmokers’ Drew Taggart as he skydives into a Fortnite gaming session with FaZe Clan’s Nate Hill and other eSports talent! Twitch Partner LunaLyrik will be the hosts as fans have a chance to interact with Twitch and Music celebrities. 
  • The GRAMMY Award-Winning Chainsmokers have reshaped the indie, dance, and pop music landscape by churning out a streak of platinum hits. 
  • Nate Hill is a triple threat superstar in the making as a Pro Fortnite Player and member of the world’s most popular eSports team FaZe Clan, a fashion model for Ralph Lauren, Gap, and NIKE and as an aspiring singer-songwriter  
  • Donate in order to win Chances to donate and win specialty offerings from signed merchandise from Imagine Dragons and Maren Morris to special VIP concert experiences from HozierThe Chainsmokers and Joyner Lucas, as well as giveaway items including high-end streaming cameras from PTZOptics, wireless Dolby Dimension headphones, and Poly RIG 500 PRO eSports Edition headset and the BackBeat PRO 5100 True Wireless earbuds. 
  • Proceeds will go towards funding music education in underserved and underfunded public schools. Specific funding will go towards learning technologies, instructional materials and curriculum, coaching and mentoring professional development, and more.
  • Conversations with GRAMMY-nominated music producer Louis Bell and eSports host Jennifer “Narz” Vargas discussing Louis’ path to success in the music business and his perspective on music production, with a visit from hip-hop star Joyner Lucas
  • Louis Bell, the new King of Pop music production, is the man behind mega-hits like Post Malone’s “Rockstar” and “Sunflower” and “Havana” from Camila Cabello. Louis made it into an exclusive club by becoming one of only three producers in the history of Billboard to have 20 songs on the Top 100 charts simultaneously.
  • Joyner Lucas, a dedicated philanthropist, innovator, and entrepreneur just launched a groundbreaking SONY backed music app called Tully. His recent releases with other notables like Eminem and Chris Brown have received over 100 Million views on YouTube. 

This experience takes place on Tuesday, November 12, starting at 6 pm ET. Come witness music and eSports collide. “Stream to Make Music Matter” on a new Twitch channel created by the GRAMMY Music Education Coalition, a coalition of over 60 organizations dedicated to music education. 

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About GRAMMY Music Education Coalition:

The GRAMMY Music Education Coalition, formed in 2017, is a non-profit dedicated to building universal music education participation in elementary and secondary schools nationwide. It is a coalition of over 40 non-profit music education organizations and philanthropies that gathers academics, philanthropists, educators, artists and parents to work together to create dynamic, diverse communities to create and sustain music education

Speaker at GOOD GAME: Render; a day-long conference at Betaworks Studio

A deep dive into the many facets of the gaming industry—the current landscape across media, sports, and business, as well as investment opportunities and the frontier tech driving this industry’s growth.

Explore the larger conversation around:

  • gaming and influence
  • vr/ar environments
  • esports investment
  • gamer on the forefront of connectivity and how to take the next step

For more details + live stream: https://goodgame.splashthat.com/