Volition Beauty: Creating Products Innovated By Beauty Enthusiasts Voted By You

Volition Beauty

Volition Beauty’s mission is all about collaborative and transparent innovation, but what does that actually mean? In a nutshell, Volition is an online collaborative platform where beauty enthusiasts can submit their own beauty products ideas or vote for ones already petition. Volition then works with the best labs to bring your beauty ideas into reality! What you get is new beauty products created by real people with real beauty problems.

When Volition Beauty’s site launched in 2015, they gathered hundred of ideas and had their community vote for products they really wanted to see on launch. Every Volition product was pitched by an Innovator who is a real person like you or me that thought of a great beauty product idea. Since then, the company has worked with labs to bring the 16 best ideas to life. Volition network of highly-respected chemists, R&D research labs, developers, and industry veterans in the cosmetics industry ensures significant experience in formulating beauty products. From concept, design, formula, and marketing you can feel quite confident in Volition Beauty’s execution in providing quality beauty products.

Volition Beauty

Behind every Volition product is an Innovator who comes up with a beauty product idea to tackle a real beauty problem. Often the problem comes with a real story. I got to try five of the starter products from the August 8th launch at Sephora.com (and soon to a Sephora store near you!) and boy am I excited! The products I received were voted by the community in 2015 and are now available for purchase at your local Sephora!

Volition Beauty

Turmeric Brightening Polish ($38)

Turmeric (part of the ginger family) is an ancient powdered spice that has a wide range of therapeutic and cosmetic benefits. Curcumin, which is the active ingredient, is a natural antiseptic with antibact­erial/ antimicrobial properties that heals and prevents dry skin. It can also be used to treat eczema and acne! Turmeric has also been shown to slow the aging process and wrinkle formation and in India, turmeric has been used for centuries as a natural cleanser. It has been mixed with milk to bring a healthy glow to the skin and is traditionally used in daily face and hair care, as well as in Hindu celebrations. Volition Product benefits:

  • Unlocks brighter skin instantly!
  • Expertly formulated scrub gentle enough for the face but can be used for your body too!

Purchase your Turmeric Brightening Polish on Volition Beauty or Sephora.com!

Detoxifying Silt Gelee Mask ($60)

Black Silt acts as a nourishing and firming agent that when harvested from the depths of the pristine Finnish lakes is organic and mineral components provide nourishing treatment to the skin. Regular use helps promote cell oxygenation which imparts freshness, firmness, and uniformity to the skin. Volition Product benefits:

  • A unique, nutrient rich gel mask that draws out impurities and toxins while hydrating for softer skin!
  • The innovator, Takako Mohri McGowan, has a Masters degree in Biochemistry and is well known for being Vice President of a laboratory where she was responsible for stabilizing Aloe Vera for ingestible and cosmetic use! She is now the president of her own laboratory, TAKA USA, where she handles formulation and production of OTC and personal care products.

Purchase your Detoxifying Silt Gelee Mask on Volition Beauty or Sephora.com!

Oceanene: Youth-Boost Gel ($50)

Algae is known for various health and beauty rituals so it’s no wonder that its resistance to dry temperature and salinity become a vital ingredient for skin benefitting properties! Marine algae’s molecular bioactive are harvest for their potent skin rejuvenating properties. As a powerful active ingredient in the Oceanene Defense Gel, it aids in collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis to assist in hydrating and smoothing skin to look younger! Volition Product benefits:

  • Lightweight yet powerful gel moisturizer combing marina algae with anti-aging bioactives to preserve and restore youthful looking skin.
  • Vegan
  • Vitamin C to brighten and even skin tone
  • Helps in collagen synthesis
  • Sodium Hyaluronate helps moisturize

Purchase your Oceanene Youth Boost Gel on Volition Beauty or Sephora.com!

Volition Beauty

Helix AM/PM Restorative Eye Gel ($52)

You can have your serious night time eye treatment in the day too! Surprisingly enough Helix Complex comes from the use of snail mucin as a skincare treatment that dates back to ancient Greece! This ingredient has made its way to the Korean beauty product and now the western world! The Helix compound contains allantoin, collagen, elastin, and glycolic to help make skin look and appear brighter and smoother! Volition Product benefits:

  • Helix helps collagen synthesis and elastin
  • Help rehydrate and blur the look of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Clinically-proven to improve moisture levels by 67.8% within 24 hours and 78.8% after 4 weeks

Purchase your Helix AM/PM Eye Gel on Volition Beauty or Sephora.com!

Oil-Control Mattifying Mist ($29)

Need a lightweight mist of amino acids and natural humectant powder to make that oily shine go away? Forget dry, tight feeling skin and say hello to a weightless formula that gives you shine control Improve your skin moisture and prevent dryness! Volition Product benefits:

  • Instant Matte Finish
  • Shine control
  • Reduces appearance of oil production on face
  • Vegan

Purchase your Oil-Control Mattifying Mist on Volition Beauty or Sephora.com!

The best part about Volition Beauty products is most of it are holistic ingredients that have real beauty benefits! Join me on my journey of trying all these products via my Instagram!

Missed my unboxing of My Volition Beauty Products? Watch the Periscope below!

Dominican Republic Trip: Sisters The Label Photoshoot + Mirina Collections Brand Ambassador

When I reached out to Sisters The Label for help in doing a photo shoot with their Satin Silk Champagne Wrap Two Piece Gown while I was in the Dominican Republic (DR), I was shocked at their eagerness to help me get the gown in time for my trip.  None of this would have been possible without that, and I want to start out this blog with a big THANK YOU to Sisters The Label for making this possible!(Shutouts to Bridgette!) 

My Weight Loss Journey

Before going into the photo shoot and the gown details, I wanted to discuss a bit more about why I did this. My struggle with my weight since January has been that of an uphill battle. I have been trying to lose weight for years and finally decided that I needed to hire a personal trainer. I do not regret it at all! From January to July I went from 150 lbs to 127 lbs. I have never thought such a feat was possible! I wanted to celebrate this moment by doing a photo shoot revealing my hard work.

I will say, I am not fit and lean as I had wanted, but this is absolutely something I am proud of. As someone who was the definition of a muffin top not too long ago, even though I am not complete shaped, I have accomplished getting pretty damn close to my weight in college.


My impression of the gown at first was in awe of its quality, feel, and lightness. The fabric is breathable and lays lightly on your body providing full coverage if you decide not to wear anything under.  This particular gown is meant to be worn anywhere and in many different ways. The tops can be wrapped around your neck to create halter or around your chest as a bandeau. I had tried experimenting with other styles, but it proved to be difficult without additional accessories like a brioche, pin, or belt.

The gown is 100% silk and needs to be dry cleaned if it gets dirty. Water does not stain it but any other liquid does indeed stain it. For my height (standing at 5 feet 4 inches) the skirt did drag on the floor, but once I wore 3-inch heels it no longer was an issue. The bottom dress is tied together with a string attached to the top hem of the skirt. This outfit makes for great beach wear addition but as a dress on its own, you will need to modify the bottom with a brioche as the skirt opens to reveal your leg and potentially much more.

I see myself wearing this amazing gown again for a gala, special occasion, or another bean/pool trip as it’s the perfect summer outfit! I do recommend not to wear it if you are drinking alcohol. Anything spilled on it is a hassle to clean up immediately and it will need to be dry clean immediately to prevent permanent staining. Want your own? Go over to their website now!

Mirina Collection Dripping Jewels – Gold or Silver Finish – SALE

Proud to announce I am the new brand ambassador for Mirina Collections! I got the chance to flaunt their Dripping Jewels choker in the Sisters The Label photo shoot. I am so proud to be the first gamer makeup influencer to the ambassador program! The choker itself is GORGEOUS! The attention to detail is phenonemal and the choker itself is lightweight. Most chokers I have worn make me really hot, but MC’s Dripping Jewels choker didn’t give me any problem. I almost forgot it was there!

I am so excited and happy to be able to release this news and showcase the Mirina collections with you all! Get a discount via my ambassador coupon code using “MirinaGirls” or follow my Instagram for exclusive discounts on their products!


Pinknic 2017: The Good, The Bad, and the Fabulous

If you give me a good reason to dress up in pink or white and drink champagne or rose wine all day in, I’m all in. Pinknic celebrated its second year this past weekend and with it came a lot good but a whole lot of bad too. Pinknic is a 2-day all food, music, and rose wine festival that happens on Governor’s Island. There was a whole lot of rosé wine, rosé champagne, frosé, food from a local celebrity chef, live performances from bands and DJs, a pool, and plenty of “surprises”. One surprise for sure was when the two-day event became a one-day event due to weather issues preventing anyone on the grounds on Saturday due to flooding. Thankfully, your girl Narz had Sunday tickets planned so my plans weren’t foiled, but it still didn’t go as smooth as I would have hoped.

The Good

Ok Let’s start with what went right with Pinknic. First space is gorgeous! The entire marketing, promotion, decor, and ambiance of the place was calm, refreshing, and amazing. I paid a bit extra for VIP Le Parasol lounge which was well worth it. I sat on super comfy white couches under parasols on a platform separated from the general area. I went with my partner in crime, Jess, and we had ordered a pre-fix basket for 2 which included pulled pork, truffle quinoa, macaroons, strawberries, and tons of non-alcoholic drinks. After purchasing our own bottle of rose wine, we lounged and befriended some amazing people from all over the world! The atmosphere was just so loving and fun no one seemed to be in an awful mood.

After speaking with a lot of folks who had been at the first Pinknic, I learned that the previous year tickets were a quarter of the price. Our $350 VIP tickets were $90 last year and although I had an amazing time, for $350 there were something things I would have liked to have been made well aware of before hand or at least gotten a bit more bang for my buck. The $350 VIP tickets included the following:


  • One-day access to the event, June 24 or June 25, from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Ferry tickets to and from Governors Island
  • Priority boarding at Manhattan Ferry Dock
  • Expedited VIP line at event entrance
  • Seating in our VIP Gardens with partial shade, hammocks, and pillows
  • Access to VIP Tents with additional Rosé Wine Bars
  • Access to VIP Bathrooms
  • Pinknic Blanket (one per guest)
  • Pinknic Wine Glass (one per guest)
  • Pinknic Ice Bags (one per bottle purchased)
  • Access to Music Festival with live performances (access to front stage area)
  • Access to Rosé Wine Bars and Frosé Bars (wine not included in ticket price)
  • Access to Food Court
  • Access to Pinknic Boutiques (summer fashions available for purchase)
  • Access to Ferris Wheel (complimentary rides)

The majority of this grants access to someone to get to the event early via priority boarding, expedited line into the event, and VIP bathrooms. Seating in the VIP “gardens” could be a bit misleading as it was really a lounge area. Access to VIP tents seemed a little unnecessary since the lounge had a bar already and gave neither me nor anyone else any reason to actually leave to a tent. Access to the live performance front stage area was open to everyone at some point. It didn’t really matter if you were VIP or not.

Our entrance didn’t include a Wine glass or Ice bag. We paid for a bottle and received glassed upon purchase of a bottle. Access to the food court didn’t make sense for us either since we had already purchased a basket for two in advanced. Access to Pinknic Boutiques was also open to everyone, so why it was included in the price was a bit demoralizing. Lines to the Ferris Wheel were far too long and bothersome as people spilled drinks on seats and made it unenjoyable.

The Bad

Now bare with me when I say what I have to say. I know the event coordinators must have been scrambling after having to cancel Saturday, but shouldn’t that give them more an incentive to work hard for Sunday? As soon as we got off the ferry on Governor’s Island, signs were scarce where to go. What made it worse was how disorganized it seemed the day of the event. Locations of food, restrooms, and trolley services were just absent or obscure. Trolley service to the lawn from the ferry was an additional charge which again, package that with people’s tickets! Have information available for people to know what there is to do to. Pamphlets, brochures, or guides are an additional expense sure, but by gosh I wish I was well informed of a trolley I could have gotten on instead of walking in heels to the place.

Also, do I wish that our $350 ticket got us our first bottle of drink for free? Um, YES?!  Heck, If I pay that much It wouldn’t kill the location to offer even just a glass of rose. I’m here to feel fabulous and drink rose all day! At some point in my lovely day, I was aggressively harassed by a paramedic who saw my friend relaxing and sleeping as a bad sign. Even after confirming she was just tired and rudely and violently waking her up to confirm she was fine it baffled me how he threatened to take her to the hospital. Again, I get that this event must have produced a lot of individuals that may have gotten a little too inebriated, it gives no medical professional the right to be aggressively assaulting nor threatening. I have never in my life yelled at a paramedic before, but in this moment he was yelling at me and talking down to me as I had murdered his family. After that altercation, I made the decision to leave. I would not tolerate anyone giving me and my friend such disrespect. Whomever this dude is if you do not like your professional then find something else. If you are not happy, then cut what makes your feel miserable, but do not take your frustration and anger on people who paid a lot of money to unwind and relax.

The Fabulous

HIGH FIVE TO THE DECORATOR AND THE DESIGNER. The entire event was so magically beautiful and with the sun setting, it made me truly believe I was transported to another oasis far from work, depression, and negativity. If you don’t get what I mean, just look at all these fabulous pictures I took.

In conclusion, I would give the event one last shot, but don’t think I’ll pay more for less or the same. Oh, I also forgot to mention, whoever the dude at the fruit popsicle stand was needs to not get hired again for this event. It seemed so useless and was doing absolutely nothing while working the counter. He gave neither the right answers to the question nor sold popsicles. LOL. I mean he was good to look at it, but then strip him to his boxers and have him walk around the lawn earning money that way.

Anyhoo, I don’t expect this blog to get traction, but I thought I should definitely get my thoughts out there.

Till next time baes.

Narz 💋

My Review on the Lancôme VoxBox

I got the chance to receive skincare and makeup complimentary to review . I am super proud and happy to have worked with Lancôme Paris to review the follow items!! I made a little unboxing video if you guys missed it… Feel free to ask me questions about my experience if you are considering getting them!

  • Lancôme Visionnaire Crescendo™ Progressive Night Peel
  • Lancôme Matte Shaker High Pigment Liquid Lipstick
  • Lancôme BIENFAIT UV SPF 50+ Super Fluid Facial Sunscreen

Lancôme Matte Shaker High Pigment Liquid Lipstick

I have to say the product design for this matte lipstick is quite impressive. To get this lip color you use a small applicator that resembles a triangular paint brush and shake it to coat it with this liquid that appears RED at first but comes PINK when oxidized. It also can be BUILD-ABLE which means as you apply layers, you can get a new phase of pink color. The more you put, the more vibrant it gets. The less you put the more it looks like a gloss.

Highly recommend.

Lancôme BIENFAIT UV SPF 50+ Super Fluid Facial Sunscreen

BIENFAIT is a great under makeup lotion with sunscreen. I prefer to purchase sunscreen that doesn’t smell like sunscreen, so having  this have a faint fragrance was very nice! When applied, it does have a powdery finish. I didn’t think sunscreen could be powdery! It makes a good base to apply makeup on.

Lancôme Visionnaire Crescendo™ Progressive Night Peel

I have some wrinkles, dark spots, and uneven skin around my checks and neck thanks to my age. I never thought I could avoid having to deal with it. I love makeup but sometime I want to go natural without people asking me if I’m tired.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I tried phase 1 for 14 days (granted I forgot some nights, but never more than 1 night.) Regardless, i did see visible difference in my skin tone and wrinkles. This didn’t help my dark circles but it did reduce dark spots on my face. I also recommend not putting this under your eyes. It does sting and that area is super sensitive for this kind of product.

Want this lipstick? Click the image to be directed to it’s Sephora product page!

After Thoughts

Our of all the products, I do LOVE the Matte Shaker the most! I will probably get more colors in these. Also, I would like to know you have tried the peel what were your results? Let me know below!

Periscope LiveStream Using April Ipsy Glambag and Lancome Official Matte Shaker!

I did a Periscope with my April Ipsy glambag new Elizabeth Mott highlightand Lancome Paris Matte Shaker in Pink Power! Watch the vod by clicking below!

Brooklyn Based Handmade Shoe line NicoNine Kickstarter Launches Today!

The Brooklyn based made for Woman by Woman modern chic shoe line NicoNine launched their Kickstarter today! The line’s owner, Nicole Shwirtz, is a full time mom with an adorable 16-month old baby while pregnant with her second child! NicoNine has been a big dream for Nicole for more than 10 years and today the launch proudly recognize achievements in it’s shoe line:

  • Modern designs with a twist in flat to low-heeled shoes
  • Styles available in half sizes, 5-13, in narrow, medium and wide widths
  • Shoes made to order, by hand, in Brooklyn, NY
  • A brand that supports fellow women entrepreneurs who employ immigrant women with meaningful work at a living wage
  • Prices reflect high quality materials and labor based in New York City.

Launch Special – for their first 24 hours they are offering the biggest discount – 10% off of the planned retail price – for $215 you get your very own Athena, in the color and size/width of your choosing. Within the US they are also including the shipping and you get the limited edition BAGGU as well!

Check out their Kickstarter and get your pair now!

After the first 24 hours, everyone will be able to purchase the Athena for $239, which includes the BAGGU and free shipping within the US.

Be sure to check out their social accounts:


I personally LOVE these shoes! They are the perfect go to work and brunch shoe for comfort anywhere in NYC. They can translate well from fall to spring and summer. And with each pair customized to your size and design, you can make a unique pair all for yourself! So what are you waiting for? Look at some looks from NicoNine’s LookBook below!

A Peak Into My World

At times I feel it is certainty not defined what I do or rather who I am. I hope that this blog begins to publicize my lifestyle and quirks. First and foremost, I am an avid gamer that lives in New York City. Secondly, I’m obsessed with makeup, skincare, beauty, and anime. Thirdly, I love doing creative things in the Big Apple!

But to get a better sense of it, I took some shot of my everyday life in NYC.

My thoughts on the new Ghost in the Shell live action…


Went to brunch with my younger sister. Acting like goofballs.


A #Brunch essential is @Purell cause after the salad is the chicken wings 😜 👌 #PURELLNaturals #sponsored @Influenster

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I saw the Beauty and the Beast Live Action Film and absolutely cried my eyes out. Also got this cup!

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😍🌺🌸🌼❤️This shot came out so nice~!💛💚💙💜

Nominated for Influenster Rosy VoxBox! I hope I win the MEGA!
Did social media and managed the BEAM channel for the World of Tanks Showcase at the Microsoft Store! This trophy is sick btw.
The Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Midnight Release event at the Microsoft Store! Worked for MONTHS in helping plan for this. It was a HUGE success!

That’s all I have to show for now. Feel free to follow my adventures on social media. (@Narz)