A New Blog, A New Life



Simplicity is the true bliss. When life becomes just a walk in the park, you get to really take time to appreciate so much in life. The past three years were a blur spewed with struggles, video game reviews I don’t remember, reporting from conventions/expos I’d loose 10 pounds from over working, and  lots of stress. What good is doing video game journalism when you stop playing games and begin to abhor it? What good is struggling to the top or “make it” when most time people don’t look to happy being up there.

Turning my attention inward, I started this blog. Not because I want to do something new or become successful at this. No, I just want to go back to the beginning of why I loved doing this. It wasn’t about the journalism and it took me three damn years to figure it out.

So here is to a new era of my life where I am just living. I can’t stop writing as I’ve been doing it so long. At least this way, there aren’t deadlines, status quo, or etiquette I need to follow. Just my heart.


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