Amor & Rosas Limited Edition Fair Fashion Tee and Giveaway!

Viva los latinos joven y viejo!

In a time where Mexico is under a lot of crisis due to the recent earthquake, I could not be more proud to support Amor & Rosas. Amor & Rosas provides opportunities to women and helps them unleash their potential. Their mission is to help spread an important message about female empowerment with this special limited edition ‘Liberation in Bloom’ tee.


The ‘Liberation in Bloom’ limited edition tee features custom artwork by a Mexican artist that represents female empowerment and the liberation of women in poverty. These soft and comfortable tops are produced ethically in Mexico using a unique hand printed technique. Each as unique as the woman behind it.


Social impact is at the core of all that they do and Amor & Rosas are committed to fair trade practices and are constantly working to lowering the ecological impact through production and sourcing in the US and Mexico and using fabrics that are kind to the earth. Artisans around Latin America help make these incredibly unique ancestral techniques accessible to customers; some techniques even date back to pre-Aztec times. Each piece of clothing is signed by the artisan who put their hand and heart into that garment.


Get 15% off with ‘LOVE15’ on the limited edition ‘Liberation in Bloom’ tee to support women empowerment. I proudly support @amorandrosas and what they do for Latin women with incredible talent.

Keeping in mind the devastation that has afflicted Mexico, please donate to various projects via Global Giving that will aid mothers, children, animals, and the ecosystem in Mexico. Mexico needs us now. Please support.


Win your own Hand Painted Rabbit Bomber Jack from Amor & Rosas by clicking here.

Hand Painted Rabbit

Vintage Bubble Top in by Janice Louise Miller

Miller uses 100% up-cycled materials in all of her designs! This makes me really happy because I strive to be as green as can be. Moreover, she donates a tenth of her profits to the Endangered Species program at the WWF (World Wildlife Fund). Additionally, donations are sent to a Children’s Hospital. Talk about caring!

The top measures 32″ in the bust, 28″ in the waist, and 36″ in the hips and you may contact the shop for questions about measurements.

vintage top2
Gaming, Philanthropy, Conservation…All under the umbrella of fashion!
For purchasing info go to: Glacier Milk

O M G Check Out These Sick AF Okami Chucks by Bobsmade

okami chuckz by bobsmade-d4ic7ny

You wouldn’t believe what I found! Check out these custom made Okami Chucks by Bobsmade. The company can make anything you may design, think, or even dream of. Rock them with skinny jeans, a baby yellow top and grey boyfriend cardie;  you’ll be ready to battle in no time. Click the image to order your own pair!

Feeling creative? Then check out this DIY step-by-step guide to customizing your own Chucks. and design your own pair!!


Minecraft Skirt by TootSweetSkirts


Are you a hardcore Minecraft Fan? How much do you love Minecraft?  Then you’re going to love this wide band  Minecraft skirt! Made with Kona Cotton, pre-shrunk with adjustable black satin ribbon and green ric rac the skirt’s length is 16.5 inches from the waist. It’s such a perfect skirt for the summer to come so run to snatch it now!

I would totally wear this wedges to brunch with a cute halter tank top from American Apparel. I can big sunglasses in this skirts future.


Portal 2 Companion Cube Necklace by Fantastique Plastique


This beautiful pendant pays homage to the  Companion Cube with a subtle and vintage flare. The ½” silver tone features a pale pink, iridescent heart on each of its six sides while the 3D cube hangs from a  16” adjustable silver-plated chain.

Fantastique Plastique wants you to wow your companion with this gamer accessory that they even include a bonus jewelry box and organza bag!

Click the image to see shop details!

Custom Hand Painted Princess Peach Shoes by Ashton Atelier


Step aside Manolo Blahniks! Your red soles got nothing on these custom-made beauties.

The process is simple and convenient. First you buy a pair of shoes so you’ll be able to gauge exactly how wide or narrow a fit you feel comfortable wearing. Then, you mail the pair in along with your choice of design. As you can see in the photo above, Atelier has chosen Peach and Daisy, but you may choose your own.

The options  include but are not limited to:

  • Peach and Daisy
  • Peach and Baby Peach
  • Peach and Rosalina
  • Daisy and Rosalina
  • Daisy and Baby Daisy
  • Rosalina and Luma
  • Rosalina and Baby Rosalina

In Atelier’s words, “You can be both sophisticated and fun!”