It’s Official. I’m Twitch Affiliate.

I have been on Twitch for over 4 1/2 years and never could I have imagined I could get affiliate. Honestly, recent changes to their partnership programs have made it easier to understand what I needed to do to qualify. Now as an affiliate, I am super motivated to work harder (with my best buddy Cresta Star) to get partnered!

What does it mean to be Twitch Affiliate?

An affiliate is someone who has been invited by the live streaming platform Twitch to monetize their live streams. Affiliates can start earning revenue on their channels via Bits or subs. Affiliates can also earn revenue from the sale of games and in-game items that originate from their channel page. The next step for an Affiliate is to get partnered which increases the percentage of profits received from all revenue sources mentioned above.

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What about your other channels?

I will still be on YouTube for my non-gaming stuff, vlogs, and more! Everything will come together to create a really awesome branding package where I can execute some exciting events very soon!

How My Fairy Godmother Rent The Runway Saved the Day! Masquerade Dress Crisis!

Once upon a time, there was a  work-holic who forgot to get herself a dress for the masquerade ball. She waited until the day of the masquerade to find a dress. But how was she to find a fabulous dress for the ball with only 5 hours till the ball? No fear, Rent The Runway Saved the day!

But which dress to pick?







And our well-deserved Cinderella was able to dance the night away!





New YouTube Video! “Acting foolishly on League of Legends (♥ω♥ )? ~♪ “

I just uploaded a new Youtube video! Check it out below. Be sure to support and subscribe! Have any comments? Feel free to let me know below!

Filming a Fight Scene in NYC – Photo OP ft. Nuvia & JBrohard

Had a blast doing taking photos of this fight scene in NYC! Led by the fight director for the Sweeney Todd now on broadway, it was pretty amazing to see how real the fighting look. I took some cool shots, snaps, and IG stories along the way to share with you all!

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Brooklyn Based Handmade Shoe line NicoNine Kickstarter Launches Today!

The Brooklyn based made for Woman by Woman modern chic shoe line NicoNine launched their Kickstarter today! The line’s owner, Nicole Shwirtz, is a full time mom with an adorable 16-month old baby while pregnant with her second child! NicoNine has been a big dream for Nicole for more than 10 years and today the launch proudly recognize achievements in it’s shoe line:

  • Modern designs with a twist in flat to low-heeled shoes
  • Styles available in half sizes, 5-13, in narrow, medium and wide widths
  • Shoes made to order, by hand, in Brooklyn, NY
  • A brand that supports fellow women entrepreneurs who employ immigrant women with meaningful work at a living wage
  • Prices reflect high quality materials and labor based in New York City.

Launch Special – for their first 24 hours they are offering the biggest discount – 10% off of the planned retail price – for $215 you get your very own Athena, in the color and size/width of your choosing. Within the US they are also including the shipping and you get the limited edition BAGGU as well!

Check out their Kickstarter and get your pair now!

After the first 24 hours, everyone will be able to purchase the Athena for $239, which includes the BAGGU and free shipping within the US.

Be sure to check out their social accounts:

I personally LOVE these shoes! They are the perfect go to work and brunch shoe for comfort anywhere in NYC. They can translate well from fall to spring and summer. And with each pair customized to your size and design, you can make a unique pair all for yourself! So what are you waiting for? Look at some looks from NicoNine’s LookBook below!

A Peak Into My World

At times I feel it is certainty not defined what I do or rather who I am. I hope that this blog begins to publicize my lifestyle and quirks. First and foremost, I am an avid gamer that lives in New York City. Secondly, I’m obsessed with makeup, skincare, beauty, and anime. Thirdly, I love doing creative things in the Big Apple!

But to get a better sense of it, I took some shot of my everyday life in NYC.

My thoughts on the new Ghost in the Shell live action…


Went to brunch with my younger sister. Acting like goofballs.



I saw the Beauty and the Beast Live Action Film and absolutely cried my eyes out. Also got this cup!

😍🌺🌸🌼❤️This shot came out so nice~!💛💚💙💜

Nominated for Influenster Rosy VoxBox! I hope I win the MEGA!
Did social media and managed the BEAM channel for the World of Tanks Showcase at the Microsoft Store! This trophy is sick btw.
The Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Midnight Release event at the Microsoft Store! Worked for MONTHS in helping plan for this. It was a HUGE success!

That’s all I have to show for now. Feel free to follow my adventures on social media. (@Narz)


I Have My Dream Esports Job & I’m on Cloud 9. 😍

Being in esports and video games is for sure a testimony of the work, diligence, blood, sweat, and tears I have endured for the past 5 years working as a journalist in the gaming industry. I worked multiple jobs some terrible and some practically ‘muggle’ mundane to the point I questioned my existence. I never questioned my dreams though as my resolve was most feverish as times of dismay. Every time I came to a dead end, rejection, or failure of course I wanted to give up, cry, and eat/drink myself retarded to take the pain away but I knew none of that would change anything. Only I can change my present and that meant sometime to hold my tongue, pride, and wounds and keep moving forward. Don’t let the dark thoughts rob you of what you deserve! 

Let your conscious be your guide.