“In The Fold” A 100 Days Origami Day 2 Cherry Blossoms

For only a few months do cherry blossoms illuminate the world with their color. Such fragile plants that spark the beginning of spring. Their colors and presence are so strong and vivacious but yet so short lived. So too are our lives, mere glimpse in the fabric of time that to not live as vivid is such a waste.

Live the of a Cherry Blossom. Full of color, impression, vibrancy and never let the shortness of time catch up with you potential.



About 100 Days Of Origami

This project is not a cry for attention. It’s not a attempt to ask for anything from anyone. This is an experiment to overcome my fear of rejection. To turn back the time to before I lost the courage to express my truest nature before fear stepped in. This is a journey to conquer my fear through the art of origami and self-expression.

Every origami will be different, with a thought process of my life from this fear. I hope to understand this fear and grasp the processed establishment. To breakdown my fear of rejection with an intuitive voice.

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