Our special guest, CrestaStarr is a TikToker, gamer and pro-wrestling analyst coming in to challenge Gabe for the Super Late belt 🙂 (We don’t actually have a belt, but maybe we should, lol)

But first, tonight Gabe and Narz is going to break it down with some gaming news! Logic bought a 20k Pokémon Card, Nadeshot 24hr Stream, 100 Thieves dropping CS:GO. NBA 2K Scam, PS5 backwards compatibility, League of Legends new champ Seaphine, 5G and iPhone, Streamlabs and stream hatchet.

Hosts Gabe Olivero & Narz

Special Guest CrestaStarr.

Super Late at 368, NYC’s late-night show about streaming, content creation, and games.

Watch it Live Thursdays at 10 PM ET on


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