Volition Beauty: Creating Products Innovated By Beauty Enthusiasts Voted By You

Volition Beauty

Volition Beauty’s mission is all about collaborative and transparent innovation, but what does that actually mean? In a nutshell, Volition is an online collaborative platform where beauty enthusiasts can submit their own beauty products ideas or vote for ones already petition. Volition then works with the best labs to bring your beauty ideas into reality! What you get is new beauty products created by real people with real beauty problems.

When Volition Beauty’s site launched in 2015, they gathered hundred of ideas and had their community vote for products they really wanted to see on launch. Every Volition product was pitched by an Innovator who is a real person like you or me that thought of a great beauty product idea. Since then, the company has worked with labs to bring the 16 best ideas to life. Volition network of highly-respected chemists, R&D research labs, developers, and industry veterans in the cosmetics industry ensures significant experience in formulating beauty products. From concept, design, formula, and marketing you can feel quite confident in Volition Beauty’s execution in providing quality beauty products.

Volition Beauty

Behind every Volition product is an Innovator who comes up with a beauty product idea to tackle a real beauty problem. Often the problem comes with a real story. I got to try five of the starter products from the August 8th launch at Sephora.com (and soon to a Sephora store near you!) and boy am I excited! The products I received were voted by the community in 2015 and are now available for purchase at your local Sephora!

Volition Beauty

Turmeric Brightening Polish ($38)

Turmeric (part of the ginger family) is an ancient powdered spice that has a wide range of therapeutic and cosmetic benefits. Curcumin, which is the active ingredient, is a natural antiseptic with antibact­erial/ antimicrobial properties that heals and prevents dry skin. It can also be used to treat eczema and acne! Turmeric has also been shown to slow the aging process and wrinkle formation and in India, turmeric has been used for centuries as a natural cleanser. It has been mixed with milk to bring a healthy glow to the skin and is traditionally used in daily face and hair care, as well as in Hindu celebrations. Volition Product benefits:

  • Unlocks brighter skin instantly!
  • Expertly formulated scrub gentle enough for the face but can be used for your body too!

Purchase your Turmeric Brightening Polish on Volition Beauty or Sephora.com!

Detoxifying Silt Gelee Mask ($60)

Black Silt acts as a nourishing and firming agent that when harvested from the depths of the pristine Finnish lakes is organic and mineral components provide nourishing treatment to the skin. Regular use helps promote cell oxygenation which imparts freshness, firmness, and uniformity to the skin. Volition Product benefits:

  • A unique, nutrient rich gel mask that draws out impurities and toxins while hydrating for softer skin!
  • The innovator, Takako Mohri McGowan, has a Masters degree in Biochemistry and is well known for being Vice President of a laboratory where she was responsible for stabilizing Aloe Vera for ingestible and cosmetic use! She is now the president of her own laboratory, TAKA USA, where she handles formulation and production of OTC and personal care products.

Purchase your Detoxifying Silt Gelee Mask on Volition Beauty or Sephora.com!

Oceanene: Youth-Boost Gel ($50)

Algae is known for various health and beauty rituals so it’s no wonder that its resistance to dry temperature and salinity become a vital ingredient for skin benefitting properties! Marine algae’s molecular bioactive are harvest for their potent skin rejuvenating properties. As a powerful active ingredient in the Oceanene Defense Gel, it aids in collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis to assist in hydrating and smoothing skin to look younger! Volition Product benefits:

  • Lightweight yet powerful gel moisturizer combing marina algae with anti-aging bioactives to preserve and restore youthful looking skin.
  • Vegan
  • Vitamin C to brighten and even skin tone
  • Helps in collagen synthesis
  • Sodium Hyaluronate helps moisturize

Purchase your Oceanene Youth Boost Gel on Volition Beauty or Sephora.com!

Volition Beauty

Helix AM/PM Restorative Eye Gel ($52)

You can have your serious night time eye treatment in the day too! Surprisingly enough Helix Complex comes from the use of snail mucin as a skincare treatment that dates back to ancient Greece! This ingredient has made its way to the Korean beauty product and now the western world! The Helix compound contains allantoin, collagen, elastin, and glycolic to help make skin look and appear brighter and smoother! Volition Product benefits:

  • Helix helps collagen synthesis and elastin
  • Help rehydrate and blur the look of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Clinically-proven to improve moisture levels by 67.8% within 24 hours and 78.8% after 4 weeks

Purchase your Helix AM/PM Eye Gel on Volition Beauty or Sephora.com!

Oil-Control Mattifying Mist ($29)

Need a lightweight mist of amino acids and natural humectant powder to make that oily shine go away? Forget dry, tight feeling skin and say hello to a weightless formula that gives you shine control Improve your skin moisture and prevent dryness! Volition Product benefits:

  • Instant Matte Finish
  • Shine control
  • Reduces appearance of oil production on face
  • Vegan

Purchase your Oil-Control Mattifying Mist on Volition Beauty or Sephora.com!

The best part about Volition Beauty products is most of it are holistic ingredients that have real beauty benefits! Join me on my journey of trying all these products via my Instagram!

Missed my unboxing of My Volition Beauty Products? Watch the Periscope below!

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