Video Games and Emotions?

So I wrote a blurb about the partnership of Affectiva and iMotions it’s effect on gaming in the future. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

The partnership with Affectiva and iMotes announce the newest facial coding and emotion analytic software on the iMotions Biometric Research Platform: Affectiva’s Affdex. Combining eye tracking, brainwave measurements (EEG), and physiological sensors (GSR, ECG, EMG) with traditional surveys and questionnaires enables researchers to assess the impact of new digital and learning experiences like gaming, media, and entertainment. The concept will help understand how digital age technology affects humans during interaction, cognitively, and ultimately user behavior. Using this tools, better evaluation of audience engagements via TV and movies can help researchers understand more of the behavioral science and well-being of the audience.

Read more on GirlGamerVogue!

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