I Have My Dream Esports Job & I’m on Cloud 9. 😍

Being in esports and video games is for sure a testimony of the work, diligence, blood, sweat, and tears I have endured for the past 5 years working as a journalist in the gaming industry. I worked multiple jobs some terrible and some practically ‘muggle’ mundane to the point I questioned my existence. I never questioned my dreams though as my resolve was most feverish as times of dismay. Every time I came to a dead end, rejection, or failure of course I wanted to give up, cry, and eat/drink myself retarded to take the pain away but I knew none of that would change anything. Only I can change my present and that meant sometime to hold my tongue, pride, and wounds and keep moving forward. Don’t let the dark thoughts rob you of what you deserve! 

Let your conscious be your guide.


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